Why Is Your Window Air Conditioner Leaking Water Down The Walls?

Summer hits, the temperatures rise, and you haul out your window AC to get some cool air flowing to reach a good level of comfort inside the house in spite of the heat. While the unit still blows cold air like it should, there is a problem you did not have the year before: the window air conditioner is dripping water down the walls. Unfortunately, one of the downfalls to window units is they don't do a wonderful job of handling condensation, so sometimes leaks do happen, and they can lead to water damage.

3 Reasons To Have Your Trees Pruned Regularly

A lot of people don't pay much attention to the trees in their yards. After all, you might assume that your trees will thrive on their own. However, having your trees pruned on a regular basis is a good idea for a number of reasons. These are three reasons why it can be a good idea to work with a tree care professional to have your trees pruned. 1. Keep Your Trees Healthy

Sewer Line Cameras Can Protect You From Lead Poisoning

Being a landlord can be a solid way of making extra money. However, if you own multiple homes that were built before the mid 1980s, there is a good chance that they have lead pipes. As a result, you need to use a sewer line camera to ensure your Why Lead Pipes Are Dangerous Lead poisoning can seriously affect a person's physical and mental health. This problem is particularly noticeable in children, as it can affect their cognitive development.

3 Reasons You May Find Yourself In Need Of An Electrician This Winter

Electricity is what makes the world go round for a lot of people. Without electricity, you wouldn't keep cool during the summer or warm during the winter in your home. Unfortunately, at the same time, you also deal with some electrical issues, especially during the winter season. So, before you get too deep into the winter months, here are three electrical issues that you may face this winter so that you can be properly prepared for them:

How To Efficiently Cool Your Home And Save Money

Maybe it's not time to upgrade your HVAC system, but, somehow, you know you could be doing more to make your home comfortable without spending more money. Turning up the thermostat may not be an option if you're already sweating it out. Therefore, follow these simple tips to keep your house cooler, make your AC more efficient, and save money. Time Your Appliance Use During the summer, the sun is highest in the sky around noon, causing outdoor heat to build and peak around 3 P.