5 Tips for Choosing Landscaping Your Kids Will Love

If you have children, you may wonder how to create a fun, inviting, and safe outdoor space for them to play in while still maintaining your overall style. It can be difficult to make your garden or yard into a place where you can throw a sophisticated party for your adult friends on the weekend but where your children can play and explore during the week. Below are a few ideas for creating a space your children will love that does not look like a playground.

3 Fast-Growing, Shade-Producing Trees To Add Appeal And Energy Efficiency To Your Landscape Design

Landscaping is important for curb appeal and value, but it can also improve your home's energy efficiency. While surprising to hear, planting shade-producing trees around the eastern, western, and northwestern sides of your home can reduce summer cooling costs by 35 percent. Of course, choosing the right trees can be overwhelming, so it is important to focus on options that will produce large amounts of shade in a short amount of time.

Why You Should Add Electric Vehicle Charging At Your Store

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular, and more and more businesses are offering electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for their customers. These charging stations have a lot of benefits, so check out these four reasons why you should add an EV charging station to your store. They Can Be Cheap to Install A great benefit of electric power for automobiles is that it is incredibly cheap for users. However, as a business owner, installing an EV charging station at your store can also be cheap for you.

How To Make A Fire Safety Plan For Your Family

If your smoke detector went off right now, what would you do? Where would your kids go? Where is your meeting place outside? If you can't answer these questions, you need to make a fire safety plan for your family. You don't want to assume your kids will follow you and make it out of the house okay. When people panic, they can't think clearly, and children are going to panic more than anyone.

Selling Your Home? Increase Your Property Value (And Buyer Interest!) With These Landscaping Projects

Spending a little time and money on landscaping can increase your property value by up to twenty percent, and may even make it easier to sell once you put it on the market. It's important to put an overall plan into place so that you don't end up with a jumbled or cluttered look – here are a few value boosting landscape options to consider having your landscaper include in your design: