Four Reasons You Should Call Your Electrician Before Problems Arise

If you've moved into a new home and haven't noticed any electrical problems, you probably assume that everything is working as it should. The truth is you may be paying more than necessary on energy bills, or even worse, putting your family and property at risk. An inspection (and service) by a professional electrician can give you peace of mind and offer a host of other benefits as well. Consider these benefits of a regular maintenance call by your electrician.

5 Tips for Choosing Landscaping Your Kids Will Love

If you have children, you may wonder how to create a fun, inviting, and safe outdoor space for them to play in while still maintaining your overall style. It can be difficult to make your garden or yard into a place where you can throw a sophisticated party for your adult friends on the weekend but where your children can play and explore during the week. Below are a few ideas for creating a space your children will love that does not look like a playground.

Selling Your Home? Increase Your Property Value (And Buyer Interest!) With These Landscaping Projects

Spending a little time and money on landscaping can increase your property value by up to twenty percent, and may even make it easier to sell once you put it on the market. It's important to put an overall plan into place so that you don't end up with a jumbled or cluttered look – here are a few value boosting landscape options to consider having your landscaper include in your design:

Installing An Eco-Roof: Do You Need To Rebuild First?

If your roof is in need of slight repairs or an entire makeover, you may be considering alternative roofing options such as installing a green roof or adding photovoltaic panels to your roof. As you learn about the benefits of these two eco-friendly options, you may wonder how much repair you have to do on your existing room before you can install these new features. While the answer is never simple, there are a few things you can check to get an idea of how much repair you will have to do before your roof is ready to go green.

5 Parts Of Your Home That May Be Leaking Heat

You can rely on your home to keep you cozy and warm in cold weather -- but how much of that heat does the home actually retain, and how much goes sliding unnoticed into thin air? If your home has several heat leaks in it, you may be paying unreasonably high utility bills in your quest for comfort. Here are five common thermal leakage points to check out. 1. Garage