The Spray Foam Insulation Guide To Energy Saving Home Improvements

If you want to stop energy loss in your home, you want to invest in some home improvements. After an energy audit, you may want to add insulation and stop air leaks. Before you start with any of the improvements, you are going to want to choose the right insulation solutions.

Spray foam insulation will help stop air leaks and energy loss. Some of the improvements that can be done with spray foam insulation include insulating areas like crawl spaces and attics or stopping air leaks around openings. The following spray foam insulation guide will help you with energy-saving home improvements:

Stopping Air Leaks Around Windows and Doors

The windows and doors of your home are some of the areas where the most energy is lost. This is often due to air leaks where there needs to be insulation between the casing and wood framing. Spray foam can be used to seal around the casing and stop air leaks.

Insulating The Unfinished Walls

There are a lot of areas in your home that may have unfinished walls. This could be in a garage, bonus room, or other unfinished space. The problem is that these areas are often uninsulated. Therefore, one of the improvements that you will want to consider investing in is spray foam insulation for walls in these unfinished spaces. 

Adding The Right Insulation For Attics

The attic is another area of your home where you may need insulation. There are many options to improve the insulation in the attic. One of the options is to use spray foam, which can be used on the joists and rafters to provide your home with a better thermal barrier. The insulation on rafters will also help protect the roofing from ice dams in winter that can cause damage and leaks.

Insulating Foundation Areas

The foundation of your home can also be improved with insulation improvements. If you have a crawl space foundation, spray foam insulation can be used to insulate joists, and other solutions used to encapsulate the foundation space. If you have a basement foundation, you may want to add insulation to the joists, exterior walls, and other areas that need to be insulated.

These are the spray foam insulation improvements that can help your home save energy. If you are ready to start some of these energy-saving home improvements, contact a spray foam insulation service and talk to them about where to improve the insulation in your home.