3 Common Boiler Issues And How You Can Fix Them

If you depend on a boiler to provide hot water or to power your equipment, it's important to keep your boiler in good condition. Promptly completing any repairs to your boiler will help it run efficiently and ensure that minor issues don't turn into larger problems. Here are a few common problems with boilers and the necessary repairs to fix the problem. 

1. Your Boiler Is Leaking

If you notice water pooling around your boiler or if the water is dropping, this is a sign that the boiler needs repairs. There are a few different reasons your boiler might be leaking.

It's possible that your temperature control valve (the component that controls your boiler's water temperature) is the source of the leak. If this is the source of the leak, replacing the temperature control valve will fix the problem.

Another potential cause of your boiler's leaking is a faulty boiler pump seal. The pump seal is the component that prevents water from escaping when it's powering machines, powering your home, or providing your home with water. You can fix a faulty pump seal by replacing the boiler pump. 

One final common issue that causes a boiler to leak is is loose joints around the boiler. Over time, these joints become less tight due to the water expanding and contracting as it changes temperature. If the joints are still in good condition, they can be retightened. Otherwise, the joints will need to be replaced. 

2. Your Boiler Is Overheating 

More isn't always better; if your boiler is overheating, you need to complete the repairs ASAP. Not only can overheating cause your boiler to leak, but it can cause your boiler's components to prematurely wear out. Water that's too hot can also raise the pressure of your boiler to unsafe levels.

Buildup on the bottom of the boiler can cause it to overheat. Sediment builds up over time and limits the boiler's ability to control its heating. Fortunately, this issue is fixed by flushing out the boiler to remove all the build-up. 

3. Your Boiler Isn't Producing Heat

A boiler that isn't heating your water or providing power may not be producing enough heat. It's possible that the boiler pump is worn out and requires replacement. The boiler pump is the component that moves water into the boiler for heating. If it doesn't transport the water, the boiler has nothing to heat and can't produce heat. 

Another issue that can cause a lack of heat is a non-working thermostat. If the thermostat doesn't set the temperature, the boiler doesn't know what temperature it needs to heat the water to. 

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