Problems That Can Happen With Radiant In-Floor Heating

Have you heard about the amazing comfort that radiant in-floor heating can provide and want it installed in your home? If so, know that this form of home heating is going to be quite different than what you are used to. It is important to understand the problems that can happen with radiant in-floor heating, so that you know how to fix them. 

Floor Covering Changes

Radiant in-floor heat has water pipes or electric cables installed underneath the floor, with the goal of producing enough heat so that it radiates upward into the room that it is in. This helps create a comfortable temperature from your head to your toes, rather than heating the top sections of rooms near the ceiling.

If you ever change the type of floor covering in a room, know that it can have a big impact on your comfort. If you had radiant heat over hardwood and recently installed carpeting, you may realize that the heat doesn't feel as comfortable as it once did. You will need to make adjustments to the boiler to produce hotter water that can rise through the additional layer of carpeting, or increase the temperature of the electric coils so that it has a similar effect. 

Boiler Leaks

A hydronic in-floor radiant heat system will require a boiler to heat the water, which is a part of the heating system that can potentially break. You may discover that the boiler is leaking water all over the floor in your basement where the boiler is located, creating a big mess and wasting water. You will need to bring in professional help to repair the boiler and contain the water within the unit. 

Noisy Pipes

Radiant heat is designed to work quietly in the background, where you shouldn't even know that it is running at times. However, air can get in the tubes and cause the heat to become noisy. If you cannot stand the noise that your heating system is now making, it is worth reaching out to a professional to have the lined drained and refilled with water. This will get rid of the air pockets that are creating a disturbance in your home. 

These are just a few problems that can happen with a radiant in-floor heating system. If you've run into a problem that you do not know how to fix on your own, reach out to a local heating contractor like McGuire Plumbing & Heating Inc. for assistance.