Signs You Need More Electrical Outlets

In many households, there comes a time when the number of electrical outlets in the house is inadequate. Luckily, you can easily install additional outlets if that time comes. Here are some of the telltale signs that mean you should install more outlets.

You Use an Extension Cord All the Time

An extension cord provides you with temporary power where you normally don't have an outlet. An extension cord "extends" the outlet you already have to another location; it doesn't create one. An extension cord can also act as a multi-plug, where you plug an extension cord into an outlet to get multiple outlets for your appliances.

Thus, you should consider installing more outlets if you find yourself using an extension cord all the time. Constant use of the extension cord either means you need an outlet in a location that doesn't have one currently or you need more outlets than you have.

Your Breakers Constantly Trip

Electrical breakers trip to prevent damages and injuries that power overload may create. The breaker should stay up once the electrical overload is over and you have reset the breaker. This means you are dealing with a permanent problem if your breakers trip all the time or can't stay up. Such problems arise if you have overloaded your electrical circuit. A solution is to install more outlets on different circuits so that you don't overload the current ones.

The Current Arrangement Is Not Code Compliant

Electrical codes, both national and local, determine the number, type, and location of electrical outlets you should have in your house. For example, in general areas such as living rooms and hallways, the outlets should not be more than 12 feet apart. Therefore, you need more outlets if you have renovated your house and the outlets are father than 12 feet in the common areas.

You Have Acquired Additional Appliances

Lastly, you may also need more outlets if you have acquired more electrical appliances over the years and they have far exceeded the number of outlets you need. Maybe your house is decades old, and it still has the original electrical wiring. Since electrical needs increase with time, you probably need more outlets than you did decades ago.

The outlets require professional design and installation for safety, efficiency, and code compliance. Resist the allure of DIY electrical wiring because you can easily mess up. Consult electricians like those at Conway Electric to help you design and install the new outlets.