3 Unusual Colors To Consider For Your Kitchen Countertops

The kitchen should always suit the chef. If you are lucky enough to be customizing your kitchen, you will have the ability to select features that placement that works well for you. Refrigerators, ovens, and electric equipment tend to come from the store pre-made. One of the items that you can have customized and cut just for you are your countertops. If you are looking for some color appeal to your kitchen, you should select custom countertops that are of a different color than commonly purchased counters. Here are three colors to consider to add a splash of extra tone to your customized kitchen.

1. Emerald green

A dark green can be just a good a neutral shade as a black countertop. Go with a deep emerald green countertop in an all-white or all-black kitchen to add a different depth to the room. Green is a color that reminds us of spring and growth, including foods such as fruits and vegetables. If you want a more rustic feel to your kitchen, go with a brighter emerald green to bring the green shade of your yard back into your home. 

2. Bright blue and deep blue

Blue is a color that has a wide range. There is sky blue for a bright look, and there are deep navy blues that are close to black. If you have a blue them in your home or if you want to add a just noticeable hint of color to your kitchen, select a blue countertop. Some blue colors are nearly white, which can go well with an all-white kitchen. Select a very light blue with blue veining in the countertops in order to seamlessly match the theme of a white kitchen. For a darker kitchen with black or cherry wood cabinets, a navy blue with some shine to it will add depth while giving the kitchen a cohesive shade. Blue shades also match well with stainless steel appliances, which makes it even easier to decorate the kitchen. 

3. Silver countertops with sparkles

If you want to add a bit of glamour to your kitchen, the best choice in custom countertops would be silver. Have silver countertops with sparkles added to your custom kitchen look in order to project glamour and shine. Sparkly countertops tend to look clean at all times, which will go well with a white or soft glam aesthetic. If you want a more feminine look in the kitchen, silver sparkly quartz countertops will provide this theme without you needing to make any other custom changes. 

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