Why Is Your Window Air Conditioner Leaking Water Down The Walls?

Summer hits, the temperatures rise, and you haul out your window AC to get some cool air flowing to reach a good level of comfort inside the house in spite of the heat. While the unit still blows cold air like it should, there is a problem you did not have the year before: the window air conditioner is dripping water down the walls.

Unfortunately, one of the downfalls to window units is they don't do a wonderful job of handling condensation, so sometimes leaks do happen, and they can lead to water damage. Here is a look at a few reasons why your window AC may be dripping water down the walls. 

The AC will leak if the window unit is not properly tilted. 

It really should not matter a great deal if you have a newer window unit, but if you have a unit that is older, it should be slightly tilted downward toward the ground outside. This allows the drainage from condensation that naturally occurs to flow outward through the drainage line and outside of your home instead of down the walls surrounding the unit. To achieve the perfect tilt, simply pull the bottom of the unit forward just slightly and lift it, placing small shims beneath the front of the unit for support. 

The AC's drainage holes are blocked on the back of the unit. 

There should be small holes on the underside of the back of your air conditioner where excess condensation drains out as the pan that captures this moisture fills up. If these holes are blocked, which is common for older units, it leads to water accumulation that will eventually leak somewhere—possibly right inside the house. Take a cotton swab or straw and poke out any debris you see in these holes to stop the water drainage issue. 

The AC's drain pan is damaged, and water is not getting to drainage holes. 

Inside of most AC housings is a drainage pan that captures the excess condensation and routes it out through the drainage holes or hose. If you have a window unit that has been in use for a lot of years, it is possible that the drainage pan has been damaged or is rusted out so badly that water is pooling in the bottom of the casing and draining into the house. Thankfully, the drainage pan can usually be replaced by a professional AC service and repair technician. 

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