Sewer Pump Information Homeowners Should Know

Many people will assume that their plumbing system is little more than a series of connected pipes and tubes. However, these systems are actually far more complicated than that as they will also utilize a series of pumps to transport the water throughout the system. By learning more about the various pumps that are found throughout your house, you should be better able to handle the types of situations that may arise with these systems.

Does Every Home Have A Sewer Pump?

Depending on the design of the home, the local terrain and the location of the sewer connection, it can be impossible for the wastewater coming from the house to have enough pressure to reach the sewer connection. This is particularly problematic when the wastewater will need to travel uphill to reach this connection. As a result, it is common for homes to have a sewer pump that will provide enough pressure for these substances to be transported through the plumbing system. While these systems are extremely common, there are some homes that may not require these pumps as the wastewater will be flowing downhill. To determine whether or not your property has one of these pumps, you should have a professional plumber inspect the system so that you can be aware of whether or not your home is outfitted with this device.

How Will A Homeowner Know If Their Sewer Pump Is Developing Performance Issues?

A sewer pump will often be located in an area that is out of sight and difficult to reach. Therefore, homeowners may assume they will be unable to tell that the system is experiencing problems until it completely fails. Yet, you may find that a malfunctioning sewer pump will start to cause foul smells to accumulate in the house, drains may run more slowly and toilets may struggle to flush. As soon as these problems become apparent, you must take quick action to repair the problem to prevent a complete failure from causing major problems for your house.

Can You Do Anything To Extend The Life Of Your Sewer Pump?

A sewer pump can be an essential part of your plumbing system, and it can be rather expensive. Preventing it from being damaged or otherwise compromised can be a key concern. To this end, you should have the pump regularly serviced so that any mechanical wear can be addressed before it leads to serious problems. Luckily, this type of work is only needed every couple of years, which can minimize the costs and disruptions that these service visits can cause. Visit a site like for more help.