The Truth About Going Tankless: 3 Tips To Help Decide If Your Family Needs A Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are a great solution for many different applications, such as a home with a busy family or to add a separate water heater to a finished basement. There are a few things that you will need to consider before going tankless, such as the amount of hot water your family uses, the type of energy and the size of the tankless water heater. Here are a few tips that will help you decide on the type of tankless water heater that will be right for your family:

1. The Size of Your Family and The Amount of Hot Water You Use

The biggest benefit of a tankless water heater is having hot water on demand, when you need it. Many hot water heaters with tanks cannot keep up with the demand as your family comes home from work and school, and everything needs to be done at the same time. If you have a larger family, then a tankless hot water heater will never leave you in a cold shower. You will want to consider the amount of water your family consumes on a normal day and the rate of flow of the water heater. If a single unit is not enough, it may be a good idea to install two systems for different areas of your home.

2. Plumbing That Uses More Water Than a Hot Water Tank Can Provide

There are also some plumbing installations that use more water, such as a bath jacuzzi jets. If you have some plumbing features in your home that require more hot water, then a tankless water heater is a good investment.  If you often run out of hot water when filling up a bath or other plumbing feature, then the tank you have installed is too small and should probably be replaced with a tankless water heater.

3. Choosing the Type of Tankless Water Heater Design That Is Right for Your Family

The tankless water heater you have installed can use electricity or gas. If you do not already have gas installations in your home, this may bring up the cost of installation due to the gas lines and exhaust vents that need to be installed. Electric units will usually cost less due to this, but there may not be that much of a difference in price if you already have a gas water heater installed in your home.

If you have a large family that is busy and always running out of hot water, then a tankless water heater is probably the right solution for you. Contact a water heater installation service and talk with them about replacing your old tank water heater and going tankless. Visit a site like for more help.