2 Warning Signs Your Old Sump Pump Is About To Break Down

If you live in an area where water frequently makes its way into your basement, you may depend on an old sump pump to get rid of it before the water floods and causes damage to your home. However, because of its age, you may worry that your old sump pump may break down. If so, look for the following warning signs that your pump is in danger of dying on you:

Sump Pump Keeps Shutting Off

Normally, your sump pump's float detects the water in the drain reservoir and kicks on when it reaches a certain level, pumping out the water for it floods your basement. However, if you notice that you keep hearing the pump shutting off constantly even during a heavy rainstorm, go down into your basement to watch it.

If the pump keeps shutting off even when the water level is high, there could be a problem with either the float mechanism or the sensor within the motor. To see if the float is the issue, pull it straight up to see if the pump turns on.

When the pump turns on, keep holding the float bulb. If it keeps running, the float is likely the issue. However, if the motor kicks off while you still have the bulb elevated, the motor is likely getting ready to burn up.

Pump Continues to Run When Water Level Is Low

In contrast to the issue discussed in the previous section, you may start to notice that your sump pump refuses to turn off. Even when the water level is low or non-existent, the sump pump's motor continues to run. Eventually, the motor may burn up completely.

To double-check to see if the float mechanism is the cause, jiggle the bulb to see if the pump turns off and on. If it does, you may be able to get away with having the float replaced. 

However, if the pump continues to run no matter what you do to the float, the pump itself is the issue. Unplug the pump to keep the motor from burning up, then call a service to look at the pump and see if it needs replacing.

If your sump pump has started showing the above signs, it could break down at any time, leaving your basement vulnerable to flooding and water damage. Have your sump pump inspected so you can determine if it can be repaired. If not, you can discuss your options for replacing the unit with a new sump pump.

Contact a company that specializes in sump pump installation for more information and assistance.