Insight To Help You Keep Your Home Cool During The Hot Summer Months

With summer's heat rapidly approaching, keeping your home and yourself cool may be something you are considering for the upcoming months. Instead of running your air conditioner full speed all summer, here are some recommendations you can use to help keep you, your home, and any outdoor space cooler this summer.

Install Awnings

Installing an awning over your backyard patio or other paved area in your yard will help make the area more comfortable during the heat of the day and help you utilize the space better. A shaded and cool area in your yard is going to be a more pleasant area to enjoy the outdoor weather.

Pavements, whether they are dark or light in color will absorb or reflect heat from the sun and making the area feel hotter. Darker-colored pavements can absorb heat from the sun and release it into the surrounding air for hours, even after the sun has set. This can also cause your home's air conditioner to work harder to cool its interior. By shading these areas with an awning installed onto your home, you prevent this sunlight reflection or absorbing to occur.

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Plant Vegetation

Vegetation strategically planted around your yard can make your yard look attractive, but also help keep the environment cooler and your home's interior cooler by shading the sun's rays. For example, planting trees on the southern and south-western sides of your home will cause the trees to cast their shadows onto your home during the afternoon hours when the sun is hotter. By shading your home's exterior, its roof, and any windows from incoming sunshine, you can help your air conditioner work less to cool your home. And if you don't have an air conditioner these trees can help keep your home's interior more cool.

Plant bushes, shrubbery, and trees around your home's exterior air conditioner compressor can help it work more efficiently. And planting shade trees or large shrubbery near paved areas can help shade these surfaces during the sun's peak hours to help keep them cooler.

Use Window Blinds and Curtains

To help keep your home's interior cooler, use window blinds and curtains to block out the sun's rays and heat. Any windows that face east, south-east, south or south-west can receive directly sunlight during various times of the day, which causes your home's interior to heat up due to solar heat gain. Just as you can block them from the sun with exterior vegetation, use window blinds and curtains to keep the sun's rays out.

Just before the sun begins to shine into each of your home's windows, close the window treatments and leave them closed until the sun no longer shines into the window. At night when the temperature outside has dropped, open your windows to let in the cool breeze to cool your home again before tomorrow's sunshine attempts to heat it up again.

Use these tips and recommendations to keep your home and outside space more cool.