Let The Breeze In Your Home With A Security Screen Door

There are several benefits to having a screen door. It lets in the cool breeze and lots of natural light. It also allows your pets to lounge comfortably and watch birds and other activity outdoors. The drawback is the security risk since most screen doors can be busted open quite easily. The solution is to have a security screen door installed. Here is more information.

Choose The Frame

You want the door to offer as much protection as possible, so the door should be made of metal. Steel and aluminum both work well, but aluminum doors need to have a wider frame to be sturdy, and this can block some airflow. To have as much screened area as possible, choose a steel frame. Although aluminum never rusts, steel should last a long time since it comes powder coated from the factory.

Select The Style

There are various types of security screen doors. Some have bars that prevent an intruder from ripping the screen and getting inside your home. This will give you added peace of mind. Other doors are made of security screen material that is very strong. It can be punctured, but it can't be ripped or kicked in. In addition to choosing the screen style, you can select from a range of colors for your screen door. These come with the color baked on, so you don't need to repaint them. However, you may need to have a new coating applied to a steel door every few years to keep it from rusting. The screws and other parts of the door have color too for a uniform appearance.

Choose A Secure Lock

You'll want the door to lock so you can go about your activities in the house without worrying about someone opening the door and getting inside. A steel door with security screen is very strong, but if the lock is weak, the door can still be broken into. Make sure your door comes with a lock that is just as strong as the lock on your front door. You can even have the lock rekeyed so it will use the same key as the entry door. This makes it a lot more convenient to get inside when you come home from work.

A screen door allows you to bring in some of the outdoors. You can install one on your front door and one on the back door to create a refreshing cross current on balmy spring days. The screen keeps out mosquitoes and other pests while natural light floods your home for a mood booster and healthy environment for your plants. The best thing is the security screen is strong so your pets can't destroy it and intruders can't break inside. Contact a dealer, like Roys Screen Service, for more help.