4 Reasons To Install A Ductless Heat Pump

While central heating systems are still the most popular option, there are several compelling reasons to consider a ductless heat pump. This is especially true if you are looking to increase your home's energy efficiency or if you live in a home without existing ductwork. Here are four advantages of installing a ductless heat pump.

Room-by-Room Heating

If you have ever tried to close some of your vent registers with a central heating system, you are not actually reducing the energy output of your furnace. Central heaters are designed to heat your entire home evenly, so they will still push the same amount of air through your ducts, even when vents are closed. This actually forces your furnace to work harder to overcome the resistance created by the closed vents.

If you are interested in true room-by-room heating capability, a ductless heat pump is the best option. Ductless systems consist of individual air handlers that are installed in each room that needs to be heated. With this system, you can turn on only the air handlers that are in the rooms that you will be occupying. This possibility and the lack of leaky ductwork can reduce energy loss in comparison to traditional home heating systems.

Versatile Installation

Ductless heat pump systems are becoming more popular because they can be installed easily in virtually any home. The pump itself is installed outside, and then small holes are drilled in each room to route the power cable and condensate drain to the air handlers. This process is much less intrusive than installing ductwork, making a ductless pump an excellent option for homes that are relying on baseboard heaters or space heaters.

Indoor air handlers are available in a wide range of styles to suit the needs of any room. While wall-mounted or freestanding units are common, you can also choose a ceiling-mounted air handler so that it takes up minimal space in the room.

Near-Silent Heating

If you are living in an older home, you may notice noises inside the ducts when you use your furnace. This is inevitable as the ducts weaken and warp over time and they begin responding more readily to changes in air pressure. Ductless systems avoid these problems, as the air handlers are less prone to noise and are easier to replace than your ductwork.

You may think that having an air handler in each room would be louder than using a traditional ducted system, but this is not the case. Heat pump air handlers use low-power fans that are almost always quieter. Additionally, you won't have to deal with the extra noise that is often present in the rooms adjacent to a furnace since the heat pump itself is located outside.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Just because ducts are the traditional option doesn't mean they are without their disadvantages. Dirt, dust, and even mold can build up inside your ducts over time as you use your heating system. This buildup will make its way into your home's air as you run your furnace, increasing the occurrence of allergy flare-ups in your home and potentially leading to more serious respiratory problems.

Naturally, installing a ductless heat pump eliminates the problems that come with contaminated ducts. The air that your heat pump blows into your home is drawn directly from outside and filtered immediately so you can be sure that it is of the best-possible quality. Even repeated professional cleanings for your ductwork will not match the air purity that is possible with a ductless system.

Keep these advantages of ductless heat pumps in mind when you are looking for a new heating solution for your home so you can find the option that will best suit your needs. To learn more about ductless heat pumps, check out websites like http://salemheatinginc.com/.