Have A Furnace? Maintain The Oil Burner To Keep It Running

If you have a furnace, it has an oil burner, which is a device that vaporizes oil and then burns the oil to produce heat for your home. In order to keep the oil burner working properly, you need to keep it maintained. Below are some steps on how you can do this to help you get started.

Check the Filters

During the winter months, you need to check the filter for the oil burner each day to ensure it is not dirty. If you see that the air filter is dirty, clean it thoroughly. You should replace this filter a few times per year. If you do not change a dirty air filter, the air inside your home will not be as clean, which can be unhealthy for you and your family. This is especially true if you have anyone in your family that suffers from allergies.

Use Quality Heating Oil

It is important that you use only high quality heating oil for the oil burner. Find a heating oil that is low in sulfur, which is not only better oil but is also environmentally friendly. Using a higher quality oil will also help the oil burner use less fuel and extend its life. Find a supplier in your area that offers heating oil.

To ensure the heating oil stays high quality, make sure the oil tank is always filled. If the oil levels get low, there will be more impurities in oil, which would shorten the life of the oil burner, and you would have to replace the filter more often.

Get Regular Maintenance

To keep the oil burner working well you should have it maintained at least once per year. This is not expensive and can ensure it stays working properly for you. The oil burner contractor has tools that they can use to scan your heating system, which will tell them if there are any problems. T

he contractor will also check the wiring and CO2 levels. The contractor will make sure the tank does not contain water, change the fuel, and check the oil nozzles. They can go over these things with you in much more detail and can also give you some tips on things you can do on your own to keep the burner maintained.

These things above will take up your time but they can save you a lot of money in oil burner repairs or replacement of the oil burner.