3 Mistakes You're Making That Could Be Ruining Your Pool Equipment

When it comes to your swimming pool, you wouldn't think that a lot of damage could be done to your pool or its equipment unless something major happened. However, it is actually the little things and simple mistakes that can cause the most damage – damage that could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs or replacements. Therefore, it is extremely important that you understand what you're doing when you're taking care of your pool and that you're aware of what mistakes that you should avoid. Here are three of them:

Mistake #1: Putting Your Chlorine Tabs in Your Skimmer.

You have probably done it before, and it is actually very common among pool owners. However, it is time to stop doing it. Chlorine tabs are designed to dissolve at a slow pace throughout the entire swimming pool in order to keep the water fresh, clean, and clear. If you were to place them directly in your pool's skimmer when the pump is turned off, the tabs will dissolve as they are designed to do. The skimmer will fill up with the chlorine rather than letting it circulate out into the pool. When the pump is switched back on, that chlorinated water will be sucked into your pump, filter, and heater, which can start eating away at your pool equipment from the inside out.

Mistake #2: Leaving Robotic Cleaners in the Pool.

Most pool owners love their robotic cleaners. In fact, they love them so much that they leave them in the pool constantly. Now, these are some expensive little pieces of equipment, which means that you want to do what you can to protect the investment that you have made. To do this, you need to make sure to remove the robotic cleaner out of the pool when it is done with the cleaning cycle. Otherwise, the extended exposure to the pool water can lead to deterioration of the cleaner's interior parts as well as the oxidation of plastics and metals. In addition, when you shock your pool water with your robotic cleaner still in the pool, it could cause significant damage to its parts and impact its ability to properly perform its job.

Mistake #3: Failing to Properly Protect Your Pool's Heater.

The pool heater isn't something that gets thought of very often unless it breaks down and stops working, which isn't frequently. However, when it does need to be serviced, it is a headache. The best way to avoid this is to protect it because damage to this particular piece of equipment is gradual and occurs over an extended period of time. Usually, the bulk of the damage occurs from the heater being exposed to various weather elements, particularly during the winter. So, the best form of protection is to invest in a pool heater cover to use. This is great for during the winter as well as during other times of the year, which can help protect the heater from not only moisture, but rodents and insects as well. 

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