Four Reasons You Should Call Your Electrician Before Problems Arise

If you've moved into a new home and haven't noticed any electrical problems, you probably assume that everything is working as it should. The truth is you may be paying more than necessary on energy bills, or even worse, putting your family and property at risk. An inspection (and service) by a professional electrician can give you peace of mind and offer a host of other benefits as well. Consider these benefits of a regular maintenance call by your electrician.

Saves Money on Emergency Services Calls and Repairs

You may find it difficult to believe that calling in a professional electrician will save you money on service calls, but in many cases this is true. Because he has the expertise and experience to identify problems before they arise, your electrician can help you avoid costly repairs to appliances and electrical equipment. He can also help you avoid costly emergency calls when things go awry. The initial cost may soon be offset by savings by avoiding costly repairs.

Saves Energy

Your electrician can advise you on ways to reduce your energy bills and can even install energy-saving devices to help cut down on energy use. This ranges from smart thermostats and smart power strips to whole home energy–saving systems. Smart power strips can be used to plug in home electronics, such as the TV, home-entertainment centers, computer systems, and kitchen appliances, allowing you to shut all the appliances down at the end of the night. The smart strip shuts off phantom electricity that can occur when you turn the appliances off on their own. While you will incur the cost of installing the devices, your energy savings will soon offset the cost. If you are looking for ways to cut your energy costs, talk to your local electrician.

Protects Your Property

It's no secret that electrical problems can result in fire that may damage or destroy your home. With regular inspections and updates for faulty wiring or appliances, you can avoid costly repairs from electrical problems. This may include installing new circuit breakers in old homes, redoing the wiring of older sections of the home, or installing new lines when you add new appliances. It may also include installing safety strips or outlets that automatically shut down if a leak in the electric circuit is detected. These outlets, called ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI), are required in all new buildings in areas that are exposed to moisture, such as the bathroom and kitchen. While the law does not require replacing standard outlets with GFCI outlets in older homes, unless you are remodeling or redoing the wiring, replacing them may prevent damage to your property and protect your family from injury.

 Saves Lives

Preventing electrical fires is a major safety concern for you and your family. Not only do electrical fires damage or destroy your property, they can put your family's lives at risk too. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), there are 51,000 home electrical fires each year that result in nearly 500 deaths. Having your electrician check out your electrical system and make repairs may save the lives of those you love. Updating wiring, repairing old or worn wires, installing safety outlets, replacing circuit breakers, and inspecting your current electrical system are all ways electricians can help save lives by reducing the risk or electrical shock or electrocution and reducing the chance of an electrical fire.

Don't wait until problems arise before calling an electrician, such as one from McDonald Electric. He or she can give you the peace of mind of knowing your family and property is safe, and working with an electrician may save you some cash, too.