3 Ways To Improve The Operation Of A Furnace

Did you know that your furnace is actually responsible for pumping air through your home, whether you are running the air conditioner or the heater. Some people mistakenly only associate the furnace with their heating system. As a result, they often have problems when it comes to fixing ai flow problems. This article explains a few issues that could actually be reducing the airflow of your heater and air conditioner. You will learn how to easily repair these problems to ensure that your system is running more efficiently.

Clutter Blocking Airflow and Cooling

Most furnaces are located inside the house, either in the garage or basement. First of all, it is important that the area around your furnace is not blocked. Large items near the vans can knock the ducts lose and lock airflow. So, the first order maintenance should be to constantly clean the area around your furnace and keep it free obstructions. Many people find it difficult because their garage is already so cluttered. Also, clutter can reduce the airflow in and out of the furnace. This can also effect the evaporators ability to cool off.

Checking the Input and Output Ducts

Next, you can check the fittings on the input and output ducts. The ducts can't get knocked loose from the couplings, especially if there is clutter or storage items around the furnace. The best way to check this is to go out to your furnace while it is running. Hold your hand near the duct joints to see if there is any airflow. If you do notice leakage, you can easily fix the problem with duct tape. You can thoroughly duct tape over the joints or holes within the actual duct.

Check the Furnace Filter

The last thing you should check is the furnace filter. Depending on how often you run your system and the model of your furnace, you will probably need to change the filter every couple of years. Most filters can be pulled out of their compartment without any tools. Some models will have a protective flap or cover that you just need to slide open. When you pull the filter out, you might notice dirt buildup on the ridges. Either way, a new filter should increase efficiency and airflow of your furnace.

These simple furnace repairs won't cost too much time or money. In fact, they can end up saving you money in the long run through reduced utility bills. For more information, contact companies like Adams Plumbing & Heating.