5 Tips for Choosing Landscaping Your Kids Will Love

If you have children, you may wonder how to create a fun, inviting, and safe outdoor space for them to play in while still maintaining your overall style. It can be difficult to make your garden or yard into a place where you can throw a sophisticated party for your adult friends on the weekend but where your children can play and explore during the week. Below are a few ideas for creating a space your children will love that does not look like a playground. 

1. Integrate Children's Features into the Overall Garden Plan 

Instead of adding your children's play area to your garden as an afterthought, consider breaking it up into several parts and integrating it into your entire yard. For example, a slide can be installed along a terraced garden bed and a swing can be added to the main sitting area. While you are integrating your children's activities into the larger scheme, you should consider their colors. If you have a more sophisticated color palette, consider sourcing play equipment that matches your overall color scheme as opposed to brightly colored pieces. If you cannot get a custom piece made, you can paint it to blend in with your style. 

2. Create Hidden Features 

Young children enjoy having little secrets or hidden features that only they know about, so you may want to install a fairy house in a well-covered area or add a hidden water feature somewhere in your garden. This will give your child something to show off to their friends and a quiet place to escape to if they are overwhelmed by a large number of adults at a gathering without needing a traditional playhouse. 

3. Feature More Color in Your Landscaping 

A garden does not have to be neutral to be sophisticated. For example, many contemporary gardens feature a bold accent wall or colorful planters. If you are going for a modern or contemporary look, then you can play with color in interesting ways that will likely amuse both children and adults. You can even let your child pick your outdoor accent colors so they feel excited about the space. 

4. Opt for Plants Your Children Can Pick or Eat 

While adults may appreciate simply looking at a well-manicured yard while they chat with friends or grill on the barbecue, many children prefer a more hands-on outdoor experience. You should plant flowers that your child can pick to arrange into bouquets and edible plants such as berries or veggies. This gives your children various ways to interact with the garden. For older children, your putting them in charge of some of the edible plants will help them develop a sense of accomplishment and responsibility.  

5. Choose a Playhouse with a Neutral Exterior 

If you are going to add a playhouse or tree house for your children, consider something with a neutral exterior. A natural wood exterior is ideal. This way it will not draw the attention of adult guests. However, your children can make it as colorful and interesting as they wish inside. This will provide a space in the yard that your children feel is theirs and does not belong to the adults. If you do not want a playhouse, you may consider adding a kids' zone but separating it from the rest of your yard with tall shrubberies to give your children a small amount of privacy. 

As long as you include your children in your initial landscaping ideas, you should be able to create a yard that feels sophisticated but is still fun for your children. This way, the entire family can enjoy your outdoor space together. For more info on landscaping, speak with a professional in your area.