5 Reasons To Insulate Your Treehouse

Treehouses are not just for kids anymore. Some people use modern, well-constructed treehouses as offices, meditation and yoga studios, vacation villas, and even permanent abodes. If you would like to upgrade your treehouse to more than a summer fortress for your children, there are several steps you will have to take. Installing secure doors and windows, adding a source of electricity, and purchasing a wood stove for heat during the winter will get you started. However, what will make your treehouse truly habitable is a proper layer of insulation. Following are five reasons why insulating your treehouse is very important:  

1. Greater Temperature Control 

One of obvious reasons to insulate any room is to keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Although your treehouse may stay comfortably cool from the shade of its tree during the summer, during the winter it will be exposed to wind and cold temperatures that will render it useless if it is not insulated. 

Spray foam insulation tends to have a higher r-value than other types of insulation, meaning it is more effective for each inch of thickness. This is especially important for treehouses, which may not have much space in the walls to place insulation. It is also a good choice because it can easily fit around tree branches that batting or foam boards would have to be cut to accommodate. 

Reduce Pollen And Dust  

Life in a tree can be filled with pollen and dust. Pollen can keep you out of your space during allergy season, and large amounts of dust can harm computer equipment or other electronics you choose to bring to the treehouse. Any form of insulation will help reduce the dust and pollen in your treehouse, but spray insulation will create a nice seal that promotes a more sterile interior environment than other options. 

Reduce Noise Pollution 

Whether it is your kids playing in the treehouse while you garden or you working in the treehouse while the neighbor's dog is barking, a layer of insulation can greatly reduce the sound levels you experience. This is achieved by making sure there are no cracks where the sound can easily pass through your walls, so once again spray foam insulation is a good choice. However, you may want to wrap batting around tree branches to allow them to keep growing without disturbing your treehouse. 

Minimize Drafts 

During the winter, wind may be a problem for you in your treehouse. The height of most treehouses make them particularly susceptible to cold drafts. However, if you make sure your floor, ceiling, and walls are properly insulated, you should not have a problem with wind getting in. 

Increase The Structural Integrity Of Your Treehouse

Some types of insulation, such as spray foam insulation, can actually increase the structural integrity of your treehouse. This can keep you safer during wind and storms and help prevent damage to your treehouse. It can also make your treehouse feel more like an actual living space or office rather than a clubhouse. 

Building a treehouse is a creative way to expand the square footage of your living space without a huge monetary investment. With a little bit of work it can become your favorite room. While building, insulation is one area you do not want to skip over if you are planning to use your treehouse during the colder months. A professional can assess your treehouse and install an effective layer of spray foam insulation in a single day. However, if you cannot afford spray insulation, there are several other options, such as fiberglass batting, that you can install on your own.