Five Ways To Decorate A Garage Door For Christmas

During the holiday season, one of the more underutilized spaces for Christmas decorations is the garage door. With a big open space, there is a lot you can do with your garage, no matter what type you have. By understanding the proper precautions, you can easily decorate the door and still keep it operable.

Choose one of these five Christmas decorating ideas to apply to your garage.

Santa's Target

Flying the sleigh all night is a tough task for Santa. Children can make his task a little easier by creating a large target that says "Land Here."

Purchase packages of red and white construction paper. To keep with the holiday theme, you can also add in some green paper too. Thin paper works the best because you are putting less weight on the garage door.

  • Cut out a large red circle to go in the center of the target. Ideally, this should be four pieces of red construction paper taped into a square. The circle can be cut out from that configuration. When measuring for the circle, make sure that it stays within a panel. As the garage door opens, none of the panel hinges should be obstructed. This could cause problems and require garage door service.
  • Measure two feet out from different points around the circle. This is where the outer edge of the target will go. Curve and tape each piece of construction paper onto the garage door to form the circular shape. Remember to make small gaps for the panel splits on the door.
  • Use the green construction paper to cut out and create the "Land Here" letters. Display those letters on top of the target design.
  • Test out the garage door opener once everything is complete. Make sure that the door fully opens without any problems.

Christmas Present Windows

A garage door that has been installed with windows has a lot of decorating opportunities like window clings or snow spray designs. Another simple design that has an elegant touch is done with Christmas wrapping paper. Use the wrapping paper to add designs to each window. You can apply the same wrapping paper to each window or choose from a variety of different designs.

Tape the paper as close as you can to the edge of the window so it actually looks like a wrapped present. This decoration element is also ideal for homes that need a garage door replacement. Cracked or broken windows can easily be covered to add the festive touch.

Christmas Collage

Consider the front of your garage door a giant canvas to decorate for the holiday season. With different decorating tools, you can easily create a Christmas collage.

  • Christmas Characters: Use materials like chalk and washable paint to design classic Christmas characters like Santa Claus, Rudolph, elves, and snowmen. It's a good idea to check with your garage door installation company, like American Eagle Garage Door Services, to see the best types of materials for the type of door that you own.
  • Christmas Village: Collect a number of window clings and gel clings to form a whole Christmas village on the garage door. It's easy to find designs like gingerbread houses, Christmas trees, and a variety of characters. Have your children work with you to set up the different designs and choose the window clings to use.

Santa's Workshop

Before replacing an old and weathered garage door, you can turn it into a makeshift Santa's workshop. This garage door design works even better if the door has windows on it.

  • Line the edges of the door frame with Christmas lights. This will help illuminate the door at night and add a festive touch.
  • Use an old piece of wood to paint "Santa's Workshop" or "Toyshop" on the sign. Attach this sign to the top of the door frame.
  • Use chalk to draw a small outline of a door ideal for the elf entry point.
  • Add drawings of Elves to the windows. This can be anything from elves working on toys to slyly peeking out the windows.

Contact your garage door installation company regarding any questions about garage door decorations and acceptable weight that can be attached to the door.