Considering Paving Your Driveway? 4 Things To Know About Using Asphalt Millings For This

If your home is situated hundreds of feet of the road and currently has a gravel driveway, you may want to consider purchasing asphalt millings to finish your driveway. Asphalt millings are reclaimed, or recycled, pieces of asphalt from roads, and here are three things you should know about this.

Where It Comes From

When a company is hired to replace a parking lot or road, the company must begin by ripping out the old asphalt from the area. This is done when roads are resurfaced as well, and this is something that could be completed with any area that was finished with asphalt.

The company will use large machines and equipment to remove the asphalt from the areas and is normally sent through a machine that grinds it up. Once this happens, the company is left with asphalt millings. While they cannot use 100% of these millings to replace the area they just removed, they can use some of it.

The Mixture Used

When asphalt is removed from the ground and crushed into millings, it loses some of its strength and durability. Because of this, an asphalt contractor will get rid of the majority of this material, but may keep part of it.

Many companies use between 10 to 30% of reclaimed asphalt in new asphalt. This ratio is generally set up by the state, and it is designed to help companies:

  • Recycle this product
  • Produce new asphalt that is strong enough to last a long time

Old asphalt is aged and has oxidized, and this is often why it is being replaced. While some roads can last over 35 years, most will need to at least be resurfaced from time to time. It really depends on how well the roads were built in the first place. In any case though, roads do need to be replaced or resurfaced periodically, and when they are it creates asphalt millings.

Using This For a Driveway

Anytime asphalt is removed, it is available for purchase. The company may want to keep some of the product, but they will generally sell the rest. Because it is used and is not as good as new asphalt, you can buy this for a discount price.

According to Home Construction Improvement, the cost of a ton of new asphalt is around $120 to $150 installed, but according to Pavement Recyclers, purchasing reclaimed asphalt may cost only $25 a ton.

When this is used for a driveway, you should expect it to:

  • Come loose – this product is in the form of millings, also called grindings. It will be loose and similar to the consistency of gravel.
  • Need to be compacted – compacting this is a must. If you currently have gravel, the company will pour it over the gravel. You may need to use a steel rake to spread it evenly over the ground, and you may want to rent a compactor to push it into the ground to smooth it out.
  • Harden over time – as the material dries out and ages, it will harden. It may not look exactly like a brand-new asphalt driveway, but it will look similar.

Benefits Of Recycling Asphalt

Choosing reclaimed asphalt for your driveway is not only a good way to save money, but it also offers other benefits. The main one is that it is environmentally friendly. This product should not be thrown in landfills, and using it will create a lower demand for producing new asphalt.

Another benefit is that it will last longer on your driveway than gravel. Gravel is great for driveways, but it needs to be replenished every few years. Asphalt millings will not need to be replenished like this, and they will even give your driveway a nicer appearance compared to gravel.

You can click here for info about or talk to an asphalt company to find out when they will have used asphalt millings for sale, and you can place an order with them when you are ready.