2 Ways To Deodorize Your Plumbing Fixtures Without Using Harsh Chemicals

For people with sensitive skin or small children, it can be tricky to deal with stinky plumbing fixtures. Powerful drain cleaners can create a dangerous environment fast, and potent scented candles can be irritating to be around. Fortunately, there are ways to fend off smelly sinks without causing collateral damage. Here are two ways to deodorize your plumbing fixtures without using any harsh chemicals.  

1: Remove Physical Obstructions

As muck accumulates inside of your drains, it can cause foul odors to waft into your kitchen or bathroom. Food particles can start to decompose, and hair can collect loads of putrid soap scum. Fortunately, by removing this accumulation, you can take care of the smell in no time. Here are a few ways to remove physical obstructions from your pipes. 

  • Shop Vacuum: Think that shop vacuum is just for your husband's woodshop? By using an attachment, you can easily insert your shop vacuum hose into drains, and use it to suck out debris. 
  • Plastic Drain Snakes: If you want to remove hair and soap scum easily, pick up a plastic drain snake from your local hardware store. These long, skinny devices can be fed right through drain grates. They usually contain small, upward facing teeth that grab hair as you work them in and out of your pipes.
  • Clean P-Traps: To keep sewer gasses from entering your home, P-traps are designed to hold a small amount of water at all times. Unfortunately, this water collects bacteria and organic particles, which can start to stink. To eliminate odors, place a bucket underneath your P-trap and then loosen the slip nuts that attach it to your sink. Once the P-trap is removed, clean it out with soap and water to rid it of stinky gunk.  

The best part about physical debris removal is that along with eliminating odors, it can also speed up your drains. Incorporate regular physical cleanings along with your regular seasonal housework in order to keep your place smelling fresh, and to keep sinks and showers from overflowing.

2: Harness the Power of Water

Although your tap water might seem useless in your fight against stinky drains, it can actually be one of your most powerful weapons against the stench of accumulated organic compounds. Here are a few ways to use water to take care of bad smells in your kitchen and bathroom.

  • Boiling Water: To melt hardened grease and kill germs fast, pour a few pots of boiling water down your drain. Not only is this technique completely free, but it is also highly effective. Flushing your drains regularly will keep gunk from building up, and keep bacteria levels at bay. If you treat your drains and sinks with boiling water, remember not to overfill pots that could lead to splashing liquid, and always keep kids away from the area until water has cooled.  
  • Ice Cubes: If you want to clean your garbage disposal, toss a few ice cubes into your running system. The ice cubes will scrape away tough buildup as your system works to chew them up. When you are finished, run hot water into the area to rinse away any remaining particles.  
  • Steam: If you have a steam cleaner, you can use it to deodorize your bathroom. Super-heated steam can eradicate tons of harmful bacteria with the pass of a wand, without using other chemicals. Steam cleaning your toilet, sinks, and showers can make your bathroom smell better, without leaving behind any residue.

The next time you need to deodorize your home, remember how useful a little tap water can be.

Deodorizing your drains naturally can keep you from dealing with caustic chemicals so that you can stay safe and save a little money. Click here for more information.