4 Ways To Make Your Garage Entry Door Work For Your Family

When you come home, you should breathe a sigh of relief after a long day. That may not be the case if the entry into your home is chaotic—you'll feel even more stressed and unorganized. If you want to make your garage entry door more functional and practical for your family, follow these four helpful tips.

Make a Splash with Color

The door leading from your garage into your house gets a lot of use. That means that the once white door is probably scuffed, scratched and just plain dirty from years of use. Cleaning it or painting it white again is just fighting a losing battle. Why don't you choose another color that works better for your family? A bright, cheery red can help you create an environment that evokes warmth and comfort as soon as you walk through the door. Black signifies power and is excellent for masking dirt; it also lends a traditional feel to the door. Use blue if you want to create a sense of calm and serenity after a long day at work.

Leave Your Baggage at the Door

The garage entry door is the perfect place to leave coats, bags and shoes to avoid cluttering up your house. Of course, you don't want to just leave them all in a big pile at the door. Some organizational tools are in order:

  • Hang at least two hooks for each family member on one side of the door. The two hooks per person should be lined up vertically, with the lower hook assigned for backpacks or tote bags and the upper hook assigned to jackets, coats and sweaters.
  • Place a shoe rack below the hangers, and a bench off to the side for sitting to remove shoes.
  • Keep baskets for mittens, gloves and hats, by the door as well.
  • Store wet umbrellas in a tall, slender container beside the shoe rack.

Be a Sport with Great Shelving

Are you or your children involved in sports? All that gear takes up considerable space in the house, and there's no need to bring it inside. Keep the clutter out by putting up shelves and hooks by the garage entry door. You and your kids can just grab the gear and go on your way out, and easily put it away as you go back inside.

Although white shelving is an attractive option, it may not be practical. Sports equipment is often dirty and may even be wet. Wire shelving is a practical choice—it will help the equipment air out (which can even help with odors), and the metal comes in many different colors to coordinate with your décor. Be careful to keep shelves away from the garage door spring and tracks to ensure smooth door operation

Tip: Keep a bottle of fabric refresher on one of these shelves to spray uniforms and protective equipment. Your nose will thank you!

Keep Cleaning Supplies Close at Hand

When your family comes in with muddy or snow-covered shoes, the last thing you want to do is go into the house to fetch cleaning supplies. Leave them by the garage entry door to make it easy for everyone to clean up after themselves! A small closet or cabinet with a broom, mop, lightweight vacuum, all-purpose cleaner and cleaning cloths are all you need to keep the entry clean and tidy.

Now your garage entry door will become a central hub of your home. By implementing some organizational solutions and color, and by making cleaning easier, you will have more control over the chaos that tends to accumulate at the entrance. In other words, you'll truly get that "welcome home" feeling at the end of each day. Check out sites like http://planooverhead.com for more information.